Review Policy

If you have a product that you would like to have reviewed here at The Pew Reviews, I’d love to hear from you. I do have a pretty standard policy when it comes to reviews — no hoops to jump through, but a few things you should know up front.

1. Providing me with free product does not guarantee a good review. I have an obligation to my readers to be honest in my reviews, and ethically I could never do otherwise anyway.

2. Please contact me BEFORE you send me anything to review. Email me (pewreview at gmail dot com) to see if I would like to review your product (and if I have time to review it!). Unsolicited products get placed at the bottom of my list, and I may never get to them. I don’t do this to be obnoxious – I do it so that you know that your product is going to be reviewed in a reasonable amount of time, and so that I know what’s coming in the mail.

3. Once I receive the review material, I prioritize based on release date, not date of receipt. This way, I can make sure that reviews are published before the product is released. This is a fairly new policy, and has been born out of necessity and frustration on my part — I have a few books that have already hit the shelves that I wasn’t able to finish before street date, and I do not like that.

4. Assuming that I get the materials with enough time, I will publish my review prior to the release date of your product (unless you request otherwise; I am flexible with this, and understand that circumstances may dictate different timing for review releases). All reviews will be published within a reasonable amount of time after receiving the product.


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