My Promise To My Readers

I don’t want this blog to be just another site. I take this seriously; I want my reviews to have some value to the people who read them, so consider this my contract with you. A lot of this is based on a discussion at the Book Blogs Ning site.

People send me things to review. I get to keep those things. But I promise you that if I think something is garbage, I will tell you so. I get a lot of books that are junk; I either give them a negative review (if it’s something that is beyond mere personal preference) or I won’t review it (if it’s something that is just clearly not something I like, but that other people do like). 90% of the time, I will write the review, and give the negative review the product deserves. The other 10%, I won’t write anything, and you’ll never know I got the thing to review.

I won’t always say in a review whether something was sent to me for free or not. If it shows up in the Monday Mailbox posts, I got it for free to review. If I don’t mention purchasing something for my own use, or getting it from the library, assume that someone sent it to me for free to review. As I mentioned above, getting the stuff for free doesn’t guarantee a positive review — never has, and never will.

Every time I link to a book or CD, that link contains affiliate code. I guess this should go without saying, but considering some of the things the government is trying to do, I figured I’d better come right out and say it. If you buy something by clicking on one of those links, I get money. So far, I’ve gotten a total of $1 in affiliate money. Getting affiliate money doesn’t impact my reviews at all, and never will.

This should go without saying as well, but ….. I promise to have read the book I’m reviewing. I promise to have listened to the CD I’m reviewing. If a review shows up here, I’ve used the product. I’m not one of those people that posts a bunch of positive reviews of things they’ve never used in the hopes of getting more stuff. I will only review things I’ve used.

If you comment, I will try to approve those comments in a timely fashion. I’m not used to approving comments, but given how my old blog got infested with nasty spam, I’m doing it here. If your comment doesn’t show up after a couplde days, email me just to give me a nudge šŸ˜‰

If you have questions, just let me know –> pewreveiw AT gmail dot com, or comment below.


3 responses to “My Promise To My Readers

  1. Dear Warren Kelly,
    I would love to have you review my book Leadership From Below. I can send you an e-book or a hardback if you wish. What do you prefer?

    By the way, I was interviewed on the Good Morning Connecticut TV show today:
    (find out what my book is about in four minutes).

    Trond A. Undheim

    Trond Arne Undheim, Ph.D, author

    Buy my book at:

  2. Hi Warren-

    Am referred by Yvonne Perry.

    What genres do you accept for review consideration?

    Where do you post your reviews besides here
    and at Blogcritics?

    Stephanie Barko
    Literary Publicist
    “Authors indigenous to the American West”

  3. Hi, Warren

    If you have a minute, perhaps take a peek at my website and see if you’d be interested in reviewing my latest book, “T’Aragam,” which comes out May 15th. If you are interested, I can send you a PDF of the full text. Thanks!

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