Product Review: Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

So, since I got into flying drones, I’ve been watching ebay for deals. These things can be expensive, after all, and I don’t want to waste money on something that I may or may not be able to fly. I got the S1700 from eBay for $8, so I consider this one a victory.

This is a REALLY fun drone to fly, even though it has no camera at all. Even at “beginner” rate, it is VERY maneuverable and pretty fast. This has become one of my favorite drones to fly.

The best feature about this one, though, is the altitude control. It HAS altitude hold, but it ALSO has manual flight. They do this by having a separate control (a set of up and down buttons, right next to the left stick). Press the OTHER button to take off, and the drone launches and hovers about three feet high. Each press of the UP arrow gives you another foot or so of altitude. Descend the same way. This mode is GREAT for beginners.

As you learn how to fly better, though, you will want full manual control. And this drone has THAT, too. Hold the STUNT button (left shoulder, the only shoulder button on the controller) when you hit auto-takeoff, and you start in manual mode. Full altitude control.

I fly this one WITH the prop guards. Partially because it just looks cooler, I think, and partially because I broke a prop on another drone the first time I flew it without prop guards. Doesn’t impact the maneuverability at all, that I have noticed, though it may cut down a bit on flight time (which is pretty good, at a bit over 7 minutes the last time I had it up).

This is an all around great drone, for beginners or more experienced fliers. Amazon has it for about $45, which is about right. This isn’t a full-sized drone (like my Syma X5-UC), but it’s not a mini drone like my FQ777 951-C. It MIGHT be a bit high for a drone without a camera, but once you start flying this one, you won’t mind at all.


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