Product Review: FQ777 951C Mini Drone

So this is the last of my recent drone purchases.  I actually got this one from Bang, and it shipped from Thailand in about three weeks (a week earlier than they said on the site, so that’s something!). I got it for right around $20, so I saved about $5 over Amazon (click that link and it will take you right to the drone, selling now for $22).  You have to decide if the wait is worth it. It’s TINY, but it has a camera, so I decided to give it  a try.

This is NOT an altitude hold drone, so I’m still getting used to having to control altitude (see my M71 review for another drone I’m still getting used to!). The drone comes with prop guards (which I installed), four extra props, a USB charger for the TINY battery (3.7V, 150 mAh LiPo battery), AND a 2GB micro SD card and reader. Most drones I’ve looked at don’t come with the micro SD card, so this was a bonus.

Picture quality is decent; it’s a .3 megapixel camera, so don’t expect any HD videos here, but it’s not bad. Flight time is SHORT, though – last flight I took lasted less than three minutes.  It’s a small battery, though, so I kinda expected that, but I’ve gotten spoiled from the other drones I’ve flown (500mAh battery in the Syma X-5UC, 380 mAh in the M71, and 180 mAh in the Syma X20). Spare batteries are available from Banggood for less than $3, and I plan on getting a couple of them to keep on hand.

The controller for this one is pretty basic, and pretty small. But the drone itself is smaller than the X20s that the kids fly, so that’s to be expected. Out of the box, I had to really do some trim adjusting to get this to fly stable, and I haven’t had it out of Rate 1 (30% power) yet. The controller takes 3 AAA batteries, which are the only things that you need to fly that aren’t included.

This would be a great drone to fly around indoors. The LEDs are a bit hard to see outside when it gets any distance away from you, which makes it tough to get your orientation right (red LEDs are in the front, blue LEDs are in the back). It’s a fun drone if you get it for a good price; at the same price as the X20s, the only benefit I see to it is the camera. The X20s are a lot easier to fly (altitude control 😉 ).

Be careful shopping on eBay for these (and most other small drones) — a lot of people have their page set up so that they offer the drone PLUS a bunch of replacement parts on the same page, and you have to select what you want. They might show up in the search at $6 or something like that, but when you actually select the drone, the price goes up ($40 in one case that I checked!). One of the things that I’ve noticed is how much the prices on these drones tends to fluctuate. A drone that you get for $30 today might be down to $15 next week, or it could go up to $50. There are deals to be had, but pay attention and shop around. This is a fun drone, but I wouldn’t pay much more than the Amazon current price of $25, to be honest with you.


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