Product Review: SYMA X5-UC Quadcopter

So, I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to test out this drone, and had a pretty good time doing it. I’d never flown one before, but after this one I’m DEFINITELY planning on flying more! This is one example of an Amazon Vine item actually costing me money – I’ve spent another $70 or so on quadcopters since I received this one (to be fair, $40 of it was on drones for my kids).

This is a LIGHT quad copter. I was worried at first that someone had stolen it out of the Amazon box off my front porch, it was so light. But everything was there, and it was easy to set up. Within minutes I was outside learning to fly.

This is where I found the first shortcoming. The instructions aren’t translated well at all, and are often hard to understand. I’m sure that if I had flown one of these before, I wouldn’t even need the directions, but I have’t, so I did. I’m still trying to figure out some things, even though I’ve gotten it up and flying a few times.

Originally, I thought that the battery life was short — 2 hour charge time to just over seven minutes flight time. I’ve since found out that that is actually pretty good flight time (though that was without the camera).  I’m glad there are two batteries included for the copter, but even there that’s not a lot of time before I’m sitting inside waiting for a battery to charge. Banggood has spare batteries available for about $7, so you can get more – just be prepared for a long wait. I have a cheap mini-quad coming from them that I bought on the 21st of September, and it won’t be here until the 12th of October. Shipping is free, and their prices are cheap

The camera quality is not great. There was some distortion in the video I took (called “jello” by experienced pilots), though I’m told you can fix this by using some foam between the camera and the drone body. Haven’t tried that out yet, so I’m hopeful.

The weight can also be a factor if there is any kind of wind at all. Rookies like me are going to have a hard time controlling this thing in a wind.

Positives: this is an altitude-control drone. That means that you can set how high you want to fly, and then leave the stick alone. GREAT for beginners. It also features a headless mode, where you can simply push the right stick in the direction you want to go, and it goes that way regardless of how the drone is oriented. Again, this makes it great for beginners, and makes it easy to fly while taking pictures. BOTH of these, though, are things that you will eventually want to fly without, and you can do that on this drone as well.

All in all, this is a fun quad copter, and not a bad one for a first timer like me. I just wish the person writing the English instructions actually spoke English, or knew how to translate better than they apparently do.


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