Product Review: SYMA X20 Mini Quadcopter

So I mentioned in my X5 review that I’d spent some money on drones for my kids. This is the one they got (I found them at Rural King for $20, though the Amazon price is a bit higher). They are small enough that I can hold the whole thing in the palm of my hand, and they are a lot of fun.

First, a couple of negatives. No camera on these, which doesn’t seem to have bothered the kids at all. This actually give these quads a little longer flight time, which they like. Second, no replaceable battery. You plug the quad itself in with a USB connector to charge. This can be pretty convenient, but I’m partial to batteries that I can remove and replace myself – that way, I have extras if I think I will need them.

This may seem to be a negative to some, but not really to us — the controllers. Specifically, the “joysticks.” They’re not really sticks – they are more like sliders that you move around. Experienced drone pilots might have a problem with this, but noobs like me and my kids didn’t have an issue.

These are altitude control, just like my X5UC, so they’re easy to fly. They have headless mode, but I’m trying to teach the kids to fly them without that, and so far they’re doing a good job. Different colored LEDs mark front and back, and the kids have no trouble recognizing the orientation even though there is no camera.

I was honestly worried that these would be too complicated for my kids, or that they wouldn’t have enough fun and would end up forgetting about them. But that’s not the case – both are really enjoying flying (my son a bit more than his sister). GREAT drones for beginners.


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