Product Review: SkyCo M71 Quadcopter

This is the first quadcopter I bought for myself – my X5UC was via Amazon Vine, so I didn’t have to pay for it. The M71 runs about $40 on Amazon, but I found it on eBay for less than half that, so BONUS. PLUS – it’s a quadcopter that LOOKS like a tricopter – it kinda reminds me of a Star Trek starship, with the warp nacelles in the back and the saucer section up front. If I’m honest, that’s really why I got this one.

The first thing I have to report about this quad is that it is NOT an altitude hold quad. This is the first one that I’ve got that wasn’t, so I’m still getting used to that. It’s unreal how high this quad will go ….

And it IS a quad, appearances aside. The front has TWO sets of props, counter-rotating, so there ARE four motors and four props on this one. So – quad. No camera, no headless mode (but if you can’t figure out the orientation on this one, I feel sorry for you!).

The LEDs are really fun on this one, too, as you can see.  It’s a bit tougher to fly than my other one, and I’ve managed to crack part of the frame (still flies, though). Removable battery, with what looks like a pretty standard plug on it, USB charger included, extra props – all the standard things are included.

Pilots that like to fly without prop guards will be disappointed here, because the guards do NOT come off. Of course, the guard on the front is part of the motor housing, so you wouldn’t be able to do without them anyway, and I think they make the quad look cooler, so that’s not a big deal for me. Battery life is great – I got at least five minutes of flight time off my first charge. Fly this at dusk for a great amount of fun with the LEDs!


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