The Sword Available as a FREE Audiobook

Quite some time ago, I reviewed The Sword by Bryan Litfin. I’m looking forward to reading the third book in this trilogy, which I’m hearing will be out soon from Crossway, but in the meantime, is offering the audiobook for The Sword for free this month.

I love the fact that Christianaudio offers a free audiobook every month, and I really haven’t mentioned them enough here on the blog. I’ve got a TON of audiobooks this way, and I’ve enjoyed them all. So head over and get this book for free — and keep checking back with them each month to see what other goodies they have available.


I just got my own free download, and noticed that The Gift (book 2) is available right now for just $4.98 — and so is The Kingdom (book 3) if you are willing to preorder it! This is an awesome deal, and I appreciate the folks at and Crossway for making this available!


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