Software Update to Glo, and other Glo News!

OK, as much as I’d love to think that it’s my insightful book reviews that get me page views, my stats page says otherwise.  It’s the Glo Bible software review that gets me traffic, so when there’s a new update out, I’m going to start posting about it.

FIRST — there are now multiple Bible versions available.  In addition to the NIV and the KJV, Glo has added The Message and the English Standard Version to the list.  The ESV is pretty much my go-to Bible for studying, so I’m really happy about the addition there.  They’ve also added a more robust journal, that makes it easier to make some good presentations within Glo.  The Bible reading plans have been refined so that you can check that you’ve read parts of passages and things like that.   There have been “refinements” to the Topic lens as well, including some additional topics for you to read through.

A BIG piece of news that will get some folks excited — Glo for Mac is coming in Spring 2011.  I won’t be able to review it, since I don’t have a Mac, but I’ll link to a review when I find one.


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