Food Review: Rocky Mountain Popcorn

A while ago, I saw a Twitter message that essentially said, “We’re looking for followers! Be one of the first X followers and get free popcorn!” I’m all for free food, and I absolutely LOVE popcorn, so I followed the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company. I was expecting a couple tiny sample bags — I’ve gotten those before. Usually microscopic bags of snacks, with maybe one or two pieces of popcorn in each. That’s not what I got in the mail yesterday.

I got five single serving (actually 1.5 servings per container — what’s up with all the half-sizes on bags lately?!) bags of different flavors of popcorn. And while I haven’t sampled them all yet, I can say one thing for sure.

This is good popcorn.

The Red Chili and Lime took a little getting used to. My daughter, who is really picky, liked it at first — right up until the heat kicked in. It was “This is gooo — HOTHOTHOTHOT!” and me laughing. There is certainly a delayed heat to this popcorn, but it’s a flavorful heat and I like it. Some pieces had almost too much lime on them, and others didn’t have enough, but on the whole it was a good bag of popcorn.

My daughter was a little cautious when I handed her the bag of Jalapeño. She took one piece, and only bit off part of it. I didn’t expect her to like it that much, and she didn’t. My son, though, loves the stuff, and I can’t say that I blame him. Good flavor, average heat, totally unexpected in a popcorn (just like the red chili above). Good stuff.

The butter flavor is about what you’d expect. It’s buttery and good. Not too salty, and not really over buttered, but better than the microwave popcorn I have in the drawer.

I still have a bag of Kettle Korn and a bag of White Cheddar left in the box, and I’ll be buying some more of this stuff. I’ll probably be buying the Caramel Corn next (I’m a sucker for caramel corn). I’ve had gourmet popcorn before, and Rocky Mountain is quality stuff. I’m glad I ran into them on Twitter, and got this box.


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