Book Review: My Blackberry Curve by Craig James Johnston

I have had my Blackberry 8330 for almost a year (YIKES! Time for an upgrade!!) and I absolutely love it. I never thought I’d be a smartphone kind of person, but a year later and I wouldn’t have anything but a smartphone now. In fact, I think I may have convinced my wife to get one as well ….

In that year, I have read the owner’s manual exactly once. It’s a tiny book, and it’s hard to read, and I gave up on it quickly. Johnston’s book has helped fill the gap that opened up when I threw my owner’s manual out the window in frustration.

You won’t be reading this book cover to cover; it’s not that kind of book. It’s laid out so that you can find help for any issue you might have with your phone, and it’s written in language that is easy to understand and follow. Within fifteen minutes of opening the book, I’d solved three or four problems that I’d had with my phone, including finding a fix that lets my wife use it to track her Weight Watchers points (the Java setting was wrong. I didn’t know it until I read this book. Go figure!). She’s sold on the Blackberry now!

One thing I appreciate in this book is the author’s willingness to tell you when you can’t do something, or when something doesn’t work well, and offer you workarounds to fix your problem. That’s the benefit of having a book that isn’t backed by the manufacturer — you get a really unbiased opinion.
My Blackberry Curve features rich colors and a LOT of pictures of EVERY model of Curve that’s out there. Model-specific issues are noted, and everything is well organized and easy to follow. If you have a Curve, or know someone who does, then get this book. If you’re going to GET a Curve, get this book too. You’ll need it, and you’re better off having it early on so you don’t spend a year wondering “How do I do …???”

I received this book from courtesy of their Amazon Vine program. The publisher didn’t send it to me (like that would impact my review anyway), and I’ve received no money for this review. If you want to buy the book, click the cover above and I’ll get a quarter or so from Amazon thanks to their affiliates program.


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