HTML 5 — How Ready is YOUR Browser?

This is kind of a review …..

HTML 5 is coming. With the iPad, it’s almost a requirement for any content producer. So how ready are YOU for HTML 5?

There’s a site that will let you check just that — And I tried it out with 5 different browsers.

Internet Explorer 8.0.6011.18904 (yes, I’m being VERY specific with the version numbers) — 19/160. The worst of the lot. You may as well say that Internet Explorer doesn’t support HTML 5 at all. Disappointing, to say the least.

Firefox 3.6.3 (just updated this evening) — 101/160. No h.264 support, but it supports geolocation tags. Surprisingly, no embedded MP3 or AAC support right now.

Opera 10.5 1 (also newly updated, just to make sure) — 102/160. No h.264 video support, no geolocation support.

Safari 4.0.5 (531.22.7) — 115/160. No Ogg Theora video support, but it does support h.264. No geolocation support.

And the highest-rated browser that I am running, according to this test:

Chrome — 118/160. No MP3 codec support is the shocker here, but if you want to watch embedded video in HTML 5, this is the browser you want right now. Also no geolocation support.

Most of the things that aren’t supported yet look like they’re the structural changes that HTML 5 is making. I’m really looking forward to getting rid of the DIV tags and actually tagging the article on a blog with ARTICLE. There are a lot of things that HTML 5 will be enabling that have some serious potential for web developers, so I’m looking forward to it being universally adopted.


3 responses to “HTML 5 — How Ready is YOUR Browser?

  1. Safari 5 scores 143, when you install the OGG plugin. The webkit nightly build scores 144.

  2. Opera 10.54 got 139 with 4 “bonus points” — 2 for Ogg Theora support, 1 for PCM support and 1 for Ogg Vorbis support. Still no h.264 support, which is disappointing.

    • The test is also now out of 300, apparently, rather than 150. Makes it tough to compare scores for each. Maybe I need to update my browser collection and do a new post ….

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