WOO HOO!! Improved Glo!!

I just got the latest few updates for Glo, and they have listened to the reviewers and the consumers! There is now an option for a less media-intensive install (it was actually several updates ago, but I haven’t updated in quite a while, and when I did I didn’t really read what the updates were). This is a HUGE improvement for new purchasers, though it won’t do me much good at this point.

There is a new Bible reading plans application, animated maps, an improved Scripture search, and more general useablility improvements that really make me excited about this product. Check out my original review of Glo and get yourself a copy!


2 responses to “WOO HOO!! Improved Glo!!

  1. We (www.EngineeringTV.com) interviewed Nelson Saba, Founder & CEO of Immersion Digital, at CES 2010 about Glo Bible (I’m hoping to get that interview up soon). I was really impressed by the demo he gave us – and have been considering getting this for my parents.

    After reading reviews (including yours), I have to admit I’ve been hesitant to purchase it yet just because of all of the technical issues people have been having, as well as the huge install.

    From your current post it sounds like if I bought it now, they’d have an option other than installing 18G to their hard drive (which I’m not sure they’d have room for)? That’s a big plus!

    I looked on the Glo site but didn’t see any news related to these updates you’re referring to – how did you find out about them?

    Thanks for your review, and your help here! I’d still like to get it for my parents at some point, so this may be the time?

    • I found out about the new options when I ran the latest update, and the previous updates that they released but I hadn’t updated yet. It’s in the listing of changes between versions.

      I think this would be a great time to get this software. The issues I had with it seem to have been addressed, and I LOVE the fact that they are paying attention to the reviews that are posted online.

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