Mailbox Monday: The Return!!

No, I haven’t folded up my tent yet. I HAVE been wickedly busy lately, with classes starting up and everything (I am SOOOO close to finishing my Masters I can almost taste it!). I haven’t been requesting a lot of review books lately, since I’ve still got reviews that I owe to folks, but I see light at the end of that tunnel so I’ve started getting more review stuff.

As you no doubt remember, Mailbox Monday is hosted/instigated by Marcia over at The Printed Page. You can go there and see all the goodies that have shown up in other book bloggers’ mailboxes.

And yes, I know it’s Tuesday — hush.

The latest Maisie Dobbs book showed up last week, thanks to the Amazon Vine program. This series represents the best reason that I review books — I discovered Maisie Dobbs because I got a review copy of Pardonable Lies, the third book in the series. The only book I do not own right now is book 6 (got that at the library), and I will continue to read and enjoy this mystery series.

This book just plain sounded good, and also comes via Amazon Vine. After reading Julian Stockwin’s Invasion!, I’m in the mood for more Age of Sail books, and this one takes place in the same time period as Invasion! — even featuring Robert Fulton as a character! I’ve started this one already, so it will probably be the first review out of this lot.

I never liked Mexican food as a kid; even after I started going to Mexican places with my future in-laws, I limited myself to nachos. That has changed, simply because my wife loves Mexican, and we eat it quite a bit. This cookbook will get a workout at our house.


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