Rant Of The Day

So you all remember the post I made about the Kindle for PC app that Amazon had out, and how nifty I thought it was? I’m starting to rethink the nifty part.

My wife is going back to school to get her bachelor’s in accounting. She decided to try ebooks for one of her texts, since the used book she was planning on buying isn’t available anymore. So I told her about Kindle for PC, and she downloaded it. Everything went fine until she tried to register it.

Invalid email address/password combination.

OK, that happens. She tried again, being careful to double-check her typing, and making sure the caps-lock key wasn’t pressed.

Invalid email address/password combination.

So she logged on to Amazon, thinking maybe she was mis-remembering her password. Nope — the SAME email.password combo got her onto the site with no problem. So she tried to register again.

Invalid email address/password combination.

I called tech support just a little while ago, and the rep was helpful. We turned off the firewall. We turned off the antivirus. We reinstalled. We rebooted.

Invalid email address/password combination.

Just now, I tried MY email and password. I’ve been using the thing on my laptop ever since I posted about it, and have downloaded a half a dozen books so far. MINE is working. So I try it on her install.

Invalid email address/password combination.

Someone has broken the program. There’s been some sort of update that has apparently broken Kindle for PC. Hopefully, my problem will alert the developers to the situation, and they can fix it quickly. The only problem is that my wife’s class started yesterday, and she’s got no textbook for it. And I feel at least partially to blame, because I’ve been telling her about what a great thing Kindle for PC is, and what a great idea etexts are for schools. Now I look like a fool.

Even worse — my wife is in the market for an ebook reader. Looks like Kindle is out of the running, unless they can fix things quickly.


7 responses to “Rant Of The Day

  1. I’ve had the exact same problem, I was beginning to wonder if it simply reacted this way because i’m running windows 7. As soon as I switched the compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP3) it worked perfectly and I can now use Kindle for PC. So try starting it in compatibility mode

    • I figured out where to change the compatibility mode. My computer is running on Windows XP (SP2) so I switched it to a couple different earlier versions of windows and it still gave me the same “Invalid email address/password combination”. Thanks though, I just learned something new 🙂

      • I’m thinking that it needs at least SP3 to run correctly you might try upgrading and try again.

  2. This exact same thing happened to me. I read the forums, called support, and they had no ideas of how to fix it.

    In addition, I have a next generation Kindle that I purchased because of its “native pdf” capability. If I try to use the “Go To Page” feature on any pdf over 200 pages the Kindle restarts… what a great purchase this was.

  3. Lawrence Mier

    I followed up with support and they have no fix for this problem at this time. The same goes for the issue with the “native pdf” problem as well.

  4. How do you switch compatibility mode?

  5. I’m using Vista and setting the compatibility mode did not work. I only had the option of switching to service pack 2 for XP. I tried some other compatibility modes just to test but that didn’t work either.

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