Mailbox Monday

MailBoxIt’s that time of the week again — when I show off what I got in the mail last week. Thanks to Marcia at The Printed Page for hosting the madness that is …. Mailbox Monday.

0802458378.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_I heard about Why We Love The Church on a message board I hang out at, and thought it sounded interesting. Looked it up at the publisher’s website and found out who was handling the PR. Emailed them, and three or four days later I had the book sitting in my mailbox! I love blogging!

Seriously, for a second, I think it’s important for Christians to be involved in a local church. The idea of solo Christians is found nowhere in the Bible; wherever Christians are found, they are found in community. Paul admonished the early Christians not to forsake assembling together; that often ends up being a sermon about not missing even one service during the week, but I really think that Paul is talking about people who thought they could do it by themselves. Churches aren’t perfect, and I know there are churches with serious problems, but there are churches out there that are doing the right things the right way and are impacting their communities. Those are the kinds of churches that we need to encourage — and if there’s not one in your area, there are plenty of ways to start one 😉

781511ad42e899359394f315567434d414f4541Persona Non Grata is a first for me — this is the first book I’ve ever won online! If you check out Marcia’s Mailbox Monday page, you’ll notice that she gives away books that she finishes to people who comment. I mentioned that this book was going to go on my To Read list (which is entirely too long!), and I got an email from her telling me I’d won it! It was cool enough that I may start giving away some of my own ARCs — stay tuned, folks!


2 responses to “Mailbox Monday

  1. Enjoy your books! I won a book from Marcia and still need to read it. Thanks for the reminder : )

  2. Persona Non Grata looks good! You got a couple of interesting books this week.

    Happy reading! You can see my mailbox here.

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