Mailbox Monday

I FINALLY got a new book sent to me last week. I’ve requested a bunch of ARCs and new releases, but hadn’t received any until last week. Interestingly, it was only a two-day turnaround from when I requested it.

Alcohol Today by Peter Lumpkins

Alcohol Today by Peter Lumpkins

Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence by Peter Lumpkins will probably garner more discussion than most of the other books I’ve received to review. Lumpkins is a Southern Baptist pastor who advocates complete abstinence from alcohol for Christians. Once upon a time that would have been a popular position to hold; today, there are plenty of Southern Baptists who advocate moderate use of alcohol, including many pastors. Lumpkins’ purpose in this book is to use his own personal experience as well as Scripture to show that the abstinence view is more Scriptural.

I will be interested in seeing how Lumpkins deals with verses like Deut. 14:26-27. Judging from my first glance through the book, it looks like he has done an extensive study of the Hebrew (and Greek) words translated wine and strong drink; that alone makes this thin volume a valuable resource.

It may take me a while to finish this one — I just found the copy of An Edible History of Humanity that I started and then misplaced, so I really need to finish that one, and I really want to give Lumpkins’ book a lot of attention. But I’m looking forward to reading some non-fiction, after reading so much genre fiction this year.


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