Book Review: The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

I got The Tourist through the Amazon Vine program, and I’m very happy that I did. This is basically the story of a CIA deep cover field agent, called a Tourist by the Company. It’s tough to write a review of this one and not give away some plot points – the plot twists and turns so much that everything is a potential giveaway. You never know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, and it’s never clear who is going to end up dead next. This is a book you won’t be able to put down.

Most thrillers I read are very light on characterization. They use the same stock characters that all other thrillers use; renegade agents are renegade agents, the suits that control them are pretty standard, assassins are evil, terrorists are fanatics, etc. Steinhauer doesn’t use stock characters; what’s more, he actually makes you care about these people. This is an author more people should be reading.


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