Book Review: Lords of Corruption by Kyle Mills

Josh Hagerty is a man with a past that he’s trying to overcome. A masters in mechanical engineering isn’t enough, so he gets his MBA. His resume is impeccable, but he can’t get a break – all because of one thing in his past that haunts him.

When an obscure charity offers him an opportunity to pay off his student loans AND overcome his past with some “help your fellow man” work, he accepts, and quickly finds himself in Africa. But things aren’t what they seem, and his cake job turns deadly …..

This book has promise. The idea is great, but the book lags at the beginning. I was really looking forward to getting into this one, but found that I really couldn’t. Once Josh meets up with JB Flannery and Annika Gritdal, things pick up a bit, and by the ending this becomes the taut thriller that I expected it to be, but it takes almost 100 pages to really get started.


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