Another New Feature — Mailbox “Monday”

(Yes, this will normally happen on Mondays. Yes, I know this is Thursday.)
At the very excellent Printed Page blog, Marcia has started a meme of sorts called Mailbox Monday. People list what books they received in the mail the previous week, and are linked via trackback. Pretty cool idea – and I’ve already contacted someone regarding getting a review copy of one book she featured on a Mailbox Monday; Kevin Roose’s book The Unlikely Disciple. She has a review of the book here (which you should read). I’m hoping the publicist comes through for me — I think a review written by a Liberty grad would be pretty valuable for potential readers.

This is what I am working on right now, review-wise. MOST of these came before last week, but I’m not including anything that came this week in the list (that will be Monday):

Deadlock by Iris Johansen via Amazon Vine.
Certain Jeopardy by Cpt. Jeff Struecker via Librarything Early Readers.
The Leaderboard by Amy Alcott via Amazon Vine.
The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley via Amazon Vine.

I’ve got at least one review to post, which is coming up next. I’m lagging behind in my quest to read 50 books in 2009, mainly because of my work schedule, but partly because of the Wii we got for Christmas and the copy of NCAA Football 2009 I got for my birthday.

I’ve requested several books from folks who emailed me, and I’m hoping they arrive soon, so I can join in the Mailbox Mondays fun. I’m also looking for other bookish memes to participate in, to drive some traffic over here (and yes, I’m going to change the template back – I’m not sure I like this one either).


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