Book Review: Codex 632 by Jose Rodriguez dos Santos

My review for this one is up at Blogcritics.

I really had high hopes for this book — I’d even requested it through Harper Collins’ Early Reader program, but didn’t get it there. A month later, it was offered through Blogcritics, so I jumped on it.

The premise is promising, but dos Santos really doesn’t deliver. You’ll learn a ton of interesting facts about Columbus, but you learn it all by listening to the protagonist explaining his research to someone else. I really felt like I was sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture half the time. Dos Santos uses some Kabbalah beliefs in the book, which interested me; that’s something I have expected from conspiracy thrillers and have wondered why nobody used it. The Knights Templar appear — I’m starting to think that the Knights still exist, and any writer doing a conspiracy novel is contractually obligated to write them into it, whether it makes sense or not. Thankfully, their appearance in Codex 632 is brief.

There are two subplots that were hard for me to even really care about, and they had barely a peripheral impact on the main plot. I won’t go into them here; read the review at Blogcritics for more on them, if you’re curious. And I’m sure the ending was supposed to be a twist, but the whole “main character is the one writing the book, nobody will believe me so it had better be fiction” thing has been done.

This is only the second book I’ve read this year that I’ve really been disappointed in, so I guess I’m in good shape. I’d better get reading, though, because I’m way behind on my goal.


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