New Reviews

I mentioned before that I review a lot for Blogcritics Magazine, and most of what I write there are exclusives.  That doesn’t mean I cannot tell you about it here; it just means that I can’t (or don’t) repost the article in full.  I’m not sure what that does with Amazon reviews, though …

Anyway, I’ve got a couple new book reviews up over there, and some more coming soon (one later today, in fact), so I figured I’d throw the links up here.

  • Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition by David Pogue.  I always learn a lot from the Missing Manuals books, and this is no exception.  Even though I don’t plan on making the switch to a Mac any time soon (unless someone wants to make a donation …), it’s interesting to see how the Mac OS does things, and how easy much of it seems.
  • In Search Of Molly Pitcher by Linda Grant DePauw.  Geared toward young readers, but I’m not sure how many of them will read it because they want to (I would have, but I’m weird).  The book would make a great reading assignment, though, for a class getting ready to write their first research paper.

As soon as my review of Geetesh Bajaj’s new book Cutting Edge PowerPoint 2007 For Dummies is published, I’ll add a link to that.  I reviewed the previous version of that book, and this one is a great new edition, based around the changes Microsoft made in PowerPoint 2007.

I just requested three more books that I’m hoping I get.  I’ll let you know more about those when I get them.  I’m also still working my way through That Sweet Enemy and Founding Faith, both of which are outstanding books (That Sweet Enemy is just so LONG).


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