Book Review: Hacking: The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson

My full review is up at Blogcritics Magazine.

This is one of those books that I think scare people. “They’re teaching people how to hack!!” they cry. “They’re showing people who to steal my personal information! They’re creating THIEVES!!!”

Personally, I think credit card information is more in danger in restaurants. You hand a perfect stranger your credit card, and they walk away with it. Five minutes later, they come back, and you sign a piece of paper they hand you. Even if they don’t have one of those handy pocket scanners that can steal everything on your card with one swipe, they can sit down and WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Even your security code on the back. The Internet is far more secure, even with all the hackers.

Erickson’s book is a good resource for people who want to understand what hackers do and how they do it. I recommend it highly.


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