What is this, anyway?

OK, this is the stereotypical introductory post, wherein I tell you all what this is going to be about, and a bit about who I am.

So, I should say right off that this isn’t my only blog. I’ve been blogging since the end of March, 2004 at View From The Pew, and I’ll still do most of my blogging there. This site is for my reviews.

This is actually the second incarnation of The Pew Reviews; the first was at Blogspot, and has now been taken over by some spammer — if it’s even still there. But I decided to give it another go, and I’ve been wanting to check out WordPress for a while now, so there you go.

This, quite simply, is a site for reviews. I won’t always post the full review here; usually I get books because of my relationship with Blogcritics Magazine, and the reviews for those books will go there exclusively. I will, however, put a link to those reviews here on this blog.

Increasingly, though, I am getting review material outside of Blogcritics. I’ve been writing for them since May of 2005, so I’ve made a few contacts with publicists, and they sometimes contact me directly. Blogcritics will usually get those reviews first, but they’ll show up here in full as well.

More content up here VERY soon, so stay tuned!


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